An Introduction: The NSW Interment Industry Scheme

NSW Interment Scheme Webinar

An Introduction: The NSW Interment Industry Scheme

In this session, we’ll be delving into the Interment Industry Scheme that is now starting to be rolled out in NSW. The Scheme will impact all operators of cemeteries in NSW, bringing licensing requirements to the sector for the first time. For this webinar, we’ll be joined by Steve Thompson of Locale Consulting, who has worked throughout NSW on cemetery projects and has first-hand experience applying the new requirements to existing situations.

Through the webinar, we’ll be asking:

  • What is the basis of the Scheme, and why is it needed?
  • What do I need to know about becoming licenced?
  • What are the licence categories and conditions associated with the Scheme?

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Adapting to Change: A Comprehensive Guide
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