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With Chronicle’s digital cemetery management software, any cemetery can now manage its records and keep them accurate – digitising your cemetery map and database of your record, we stored your data securely in the cloud to make it easier for you to manage. 

Giving an online presence and engage widely with local community as well as the world.

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Letter from the CEO

It’s actually a bit of how Chronicle came to be, one of my best friends passed away too early. I wanted to visit him one day but it was just not a simple process. He deserves to be remembered properly. 

He would also get a kick out of what I’m building here with Chronicle. When I have those moments of wondering what am I doing here, then I think of the team and what we’re achieving together and I think of him and then I keep going.

Graduating Engineering degree from University of Melbourne, I really like mapping and surveying. I love the industry and wanted to do something great.
There is power in communicating through visual maps. Power in anchoring information to the real world.

We relate to and interact with spatial all the time (Airbnb, Google maps, Grab, etc). Location matters. Plus, I’m uniquely good at it. Not many people have a diverse skill set of business, entrepreneurship, and mapping.


Our Vision

We aim to make powerful, user-friendly digital cemetery software affordable for all types of cemeteries. Cemeteries are the historical background of the communities. By digitising cemetery records and maps, we want to help a significant proportion of the world to meaningfully engage with the deceased by helping cemetery management through our beautiful software platform and public online map.

People can click on the cemetery plot and read in the description; the unique stories of the cemetery, their loved ones and the people of their community.

Streamline Cemetery Management

We help cemetery administrators with an easy-to-use online platform that keeps records and mapping accurate. We save time and admin costs by providing a way to easily add, edit, search, and share cemetery records. We focus on making cemetery management easier and faster, so the cemetery can focus on serving its community, streamline the sales processes, and provide better customer service.

Let us help you, and together we can create a journey and legacy that will last forever.


Meet Our Team

We are a team of people who have compassion and expertise in building a digital cemetery platform. To us, cemetery software should be fun, modern and easy to use, also secure.
We take pride in helping cemeteries serve their communities and focus on improving according to the cemetery and community needs.

We are the power team with a mission to reconnect the past, present, and future.