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Managing your own digital presence for your community’s cemetery is now simpler than ever.

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Simple Cemetery Management, Today

With Chronicle’s digital cemetery management software, any cemetery can now manage its records and keep them accurate – no technical expertise or spreadsheets required.

Free for small cemeteries to use, Chronicle supports community-building – all it takes is 15 minutes.

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Build. Manage. Share.

Create your own digital cemetery, reflecting its physical plots. Upload your existing records from old spreadsheets and never worry about losing age-old data ever again. Once you’ve built your cemetery on our easy-to-use, digital platform – free for up to 1,000 plots – you’re ready to share the history and memory of your community with the world. Focus on what matters – people, their memory, and their legacy.

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At Chronicle, we pride ourselves on providing a service to tell the life story of the community and those individuals that have made it what it is today.

The local cemetery is where our loved ones are laid to rest. Serving as a place of memory, history, and, ultimately, peace

Lasting Positivity through Engagement and Legacy

By engaging together, we create a lasting, positive impact that affects our greater society. Chronicle seeks to foster engagement at the community level, allowing people to reconnect with their history by preserving of memory.

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Visualising Memory, Strengthening Foundations

We create new, experiential ways to communicate spatial data among our community. By connecting visitors meaningfully to cemeteries with rich maps and tours, Chronicle keeps memory alive through a beautiful, visual experience.

Our Mission – How Chronicle Helps Your Cemetery

Chronicle aims to make powerful, user-friendly, digital cemetery software accessible to small-medium sized cemeteries.

Cemeteries with less than 2,000 graves and only about 20 new interments a year, like Macedon in rural Australia, are the historical backbone of their communities. By digitising old records and simplifying cemetery management, Chronicle supports the foundations of community growth.

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How Do We Achieve Our Goal?

As it preserves the memories of those who made the community great, it is vital that a cemetery

Digitises all records and plans to create an integrated digital map or GIS

(Geographic Information System)

Maintains high integrity digital records and plans

Adopts rigid, peer accepted procedures that meet regulatory requirements

Meet Chronicle’s Founder

Empathy and Expertise – Matthew Borowski, CEO of Chronicle


The mind of Matthew Borowski, Founder and CEO of Chronicle, is where expertise, compassion, and positive action meet. Completing a Bachelor of Geomatic Engineering degree from the University of Melbourne, and highly-valuable specialisation as a licensed surveyor, Matthew focussed on his expertise – he honed his passion for all things spatial. From satellite maps and GPS to 3D scanning, Matthew saw his purpose in better representing our world, practically and usefully.

Matthew Borowski | CEO | Cemetery Software | Chronicle

An Entrepreneurial Journey


In 2010, he co-founded the project development company, M&B Consulting. Matthew helped to build links between local housing, agriculture, and mining projects in Zambia with international finance.

This entrepreneurial path provided new perspective – business must be rooted in the improvement of society. 

Returning to Melbourne, Matthew gained further experience as a sales consultant in surveying and mapping for CR Kennedy. Here, he witnessed how tech can be used by real business to help clients. When the Secretary of Macedon Cemetery enquired about land surveys, the idea of Chronicle was born.

We give back to the community

Community First

Without engagement, there can be no cohesion in community. We tend to forget that as a community, engagement depends on the lives of every individual. We want our lives to be remembered and we hope to act, every day, in a way that our actions ripple outwards to positively affect our community at large.

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