About Us

At Chronicle, we are passionate about preserving the past and honouring the stories of those who have shaped our communities. Our digital cemetery management software provides an innovative solution for cemeteries of all sizes to manage their records, streamline operations, and engage with communities in a meaningful way.

Our Journey

Chronicle has been providing transformative solutions to cemeteries since 2016, a journey sparked by personal loss and a determination to honour and remember our loved ones properly. Our CEO, Matthew Borowski, experienced first-hand the challenges of locating loved ones’ graves and the emotional weight such a task carries. His passion for mapping and surveying, along with an engineering degree from the University of Melbourne, served as the foundation for developing Chronicle’s user-friendly and powerful platform.

Today, our team, comprised of dedicated professionals, carry this passion and expertise forward. We believe that location matters and that there is immense power in visual maps, effectively anchoring our shared history to the real world. 


Our Vision

We strive to make our user-friendly digital cemetery software affordable for all cemeteries. Recognising that cemeteries are the historical backbone of communities, we have made it our mission to digitise cemetery records and maps. Our public online map allows anyone to click on a cemetery plot and delve into the unique stories of the deceased, fostering a deeper connection between the living and those who have come before them.

Our Mission

We provide an easy-to-use online platform for cemetery administrators, offering an efficient way to add, edit, search, and share cemetery records. Our goal is to make cemetery management simpler and faster, enabling cemeteries to better serve their communities, streamline sales processes, and deliver improved customer service.


Our Team

Our team at Chronicle takes immense pride in building a digital cemetery platform that is not only modern and secure but also fun and easy to use. We are a team of compassionate and skilled individuals dedicated to improving and adapting our platform according to the evolving needs of cemeteries and their communities. We are committed to connecting the past, present, and future, and we firmly believe that together, we can create a legacy that will last forever.

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Join us in our mission to transform the way we honour our loved ones and preserve our shared history.