360 Mapping and
3D Virtual Cemetery

This feature offers an immersive digital twin of a cemetery, combining panoramic 360-degree views with detailed 3D modeling to create a life-like virtual experience. You can seamlessly navigate the grounds, exploring every angle and interacting with the environment as if you were there in person, facilitated by high-resolution imagery and accurate depth perception.

See It Like You’re There

3d virtual cemetery

3D Cemetery Objects

Brings gravestones and monuments to vivid life.

360 cemetery mapping

360-Degree Experience

Navigate the cemetery as if you were physically there.

real measurement tool

Ruler Measurement Tool

Accurately measure distances, graves, and monuments for better planning.

Easier Upkeeps for Cemetery Staff

  • Tools to Help Manage: Keep things running smoothly without physically going to the cemetery.
  • More Visitors, Online: Bring in people from all over the world to your cemetery, right to your screen.
  • Simpler Tasks: Answer visitor questions and plan work easier, so you have more time for important stuff.

Bringing History Closer to Everyone

  • Educational Opportunities: A new way to learn histories and explore the cemetery ground from home.
  • Learn and Remember: Enables remote visitors to pay respects, create stories, and explore around to feel close to their loved ones.
  • New Immersive VR Quality: Enjoy tours by moving freely as if they’re physically in the cemetery ground.

Make your cemetery a part of this new, easy way to visit and remember. Reach out today to see how simple it is to bring this to your community.