360 Cemetery Mapping: New Way to Manage and Visit Online Cemeteries

360 Cemetery Mapping New Way to Manage and Visit Online Cemeteries

TLDR: Key Summary

  • 360 cemetery mapping is a digital tool that allows users to interact with a realistic model of cemetery grounds, navigating the space as if they were there in person.
  • 360 mapping provides cemetery staff with detailed visual information and topographic insights, enabling precise plot management and efficient ground upkeep.
  • Visitors benefit from 360 cemetery mapping’s immersive experience, offering a virtual presence at gravesites and access to rich, interactive memorials from anywhere in the world.
  • Chronicle is actively developing 360 mapping integration, aiming to bring advanced, user-friendly management tools and enriched visiting experiences to cemeteries.

What is 360 Cemetery Mapping?

360 cemetery mapping, also known as 3D cemetery mapping, is a digital representation of cemetery grounds that allows users to navigate and interact with the space online. It’s a virtual model that replicates the layout and specific details of the cemetery in three dimensions. This mapping enables viewers to virtually ‘walk’ through the area. They can click and drag to “look around,” zoom in on specific areas, and select plots to view details about the interred individuals.

Enhancing Cemetery Management with 360 Cemetery Mapping

360 cemetery mapping offers precise ground-level details, presenting an accurate depiction of paths, headstones, and landscaping elements. This critical layer of visual information allows cemetery staff to identify areas that require upkeep or plan the logistics for burials and ceremonies. The vivid clarity provided by 360 cemetery mapping equips cemetery staff with the ability to oversee every corner of the cemetery without directly going to the field.

Furthermore, the topographical nuances captured by 360 cemetery mapping are essential for effective groundskeeping and plot management. Unlike traditional aerial mapping, 360 views reveal the nuances of the land’s contours—its dips, elevations, and inclinations—which are vital for maintenance planning and plot allocation. Staff can anticipate and mitigate issues such as water pooling in lower-lying areas or the accessibility challenges posed by steeper sections of the property.

Enriching the Visitor Experience with 360 Cemetery Mapping

From the visitor’s perspective, 360 cemetery mapping offers an immersive way to honor loved ones. From the convenience of their own homes or wherever they may be, individuals can take a virtual stroll through the cemetery grounds. By providing an accurate, on-the-ground view of the cemetery, visitors can virtually navigate through the landscape as if they are physically present, moving between rows of headstones and identifying specific plots with ease.

It provides a virtual means of visiting gravesites, which is especially meaningful when physical visits are not possible, embracing inclusiveness and accessibility. Through the interactive map, visitors can view detailed online memorials that may include personal stories, photos, and messages, providing a richer sense of the individual’s life.

Chronicle's 360 Cemetery Mapping

At Chronicle, we recognize the profound potential of 360 cemetery mapping and its complementary fit with our existing suite of cemetery management tools. We are excited to share that our team is actively working on enhancements that will seamlessly integrate this technology with our services. Our vision is to offer a holistic platform where management efficiency meets the emotional depth of digital memorialization.

The practical benefits of 360 cemetery mapping are clear. It not only enhances the way cemeteries operate by making management tasks more efficient but also offers visitors a unique and deeply personal way to remember their loved ones. Chronicle is moving towards integrating 3D cemetery mapping into our services. But, if you want to know more about how this will work, feel free to contact us to know more about it.

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