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  • Visualise your cemetery database and plots beautifully – no technical expertise required.
  • Colour-coded plots that indicate status with satellite/drone image overlay.
  • Easy navigation helps you locate your records quickly – fly directly to the plot.

Baltimore Cemetery | Simple Cemetery Management Software | Chronicle Cemetery Software

  • All documents stored in one place with Chronicle's cemetery management software.
  • Accurate, secure record keeping, storing rich data for every plot.
  • Create or edit burial records with just a tap

Easy Edit Cemetery Records using Cemetery Management Software | Chronicle Cemetery Software

  • Foster engagement with public access to ancestor burial plots.
    Eliminate phone queries with easy public access to check or reserve burial plots.
  • Share your community’s story with highlighted plots, link to articles, and upload headstone photos with Chronicle’s cemetery management software.

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How Chronicle Has Helped Cemeteries

Helping businesses focus on what matters with simple cemetery software – Since 2016

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Chronicle makes our lives significantly easier; especially for referring requests to family history searches, assisting the general public in locating their loved ones, and also with showing people vacant plots
Nicole Stephens, Secretary,
Beechworth Cemetery
I did a lot of research before selection Chronicle. The features, value, and the great personal attention were what sold me. The software has taken us from poorly maintained paper records to the digital age. The best thing is the visual aspect, being able to see our cemetery, and have all the lots color coded, so that we can see at a glance what is occupied or vacant. The search feature is great, it take you right to the grave!
Howard Hedstrom, Secretary,
Maple Hill Cemetery
I’m increasingly using Chronicle to follow up and find the place I’m looking for. It's really working well. I'm pleased with it. When there's a question from people I just ask them to open the Chronicle website and they can get the information that they need.
Nick Haslinghouse, Secretary,
Macedon Cemetery

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