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Our Best Features

Giving an online presence to your digital cemetery records

How does Chronicle work? Let’s get started on how we simplify cemetery management and administration by going digital and engage more with society online.

Visualise your cemetery burial plot maps with a full, stunning overview. The graphic interface allows for easy interaction with every, individual plot – at a glance. Colour-coded identifiers mean that plot locations help cemetery administrators find what they’re looking for instantly, while members of the public benefit from the rich detail and information in seconds. Locating plots is easy with quick, intuitive map controls – it’s all readily and directly accessible.

Records are now available from a single source—Chronicle’s innovative and intuitive cemetery management database software. Your cemetery’s records are stored in the cloud—safely and securely.

Enter new information and update plot details intuitively. Chronicle’s crisp interface keeps your records accurate and improves quality. Record all relevant details for each plot, reflected on the map – details of the deceased person, next of kin, funeral minister, funeral director, reservation holders, and even upload headstone photos. Accuracy in keeping memory alive has never been easier.

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What Our Customers Have to Say

"I did a lot of research before selection Chronicle. The features, value, and the great personal attention were what sold me. The software has taken us from poorly maintained paper records to the digital age. The search feature is great, it take you right to the grave!"
Howard Hedstrom, Secretary,
Maple Hill Cemetery
"Chronicle makes our lives significantly easier; especially for referring requests to family history searches, assisting the general public in locating their loved ones, and also with showing people vacant plots."
Trust Secretary,
Beechworth Cemetery
“It’s 100% worthwhile doing and rewarding. Chronicle takes a lot of headache out of it for us. The team has also been very easy to work with, making the process easier. I would certainly recommend it to others considering going down the similar track.”
Sandy Paterson,
Murray River Council
"I’m increasingly using Chronicle to follow up and find the place I’m looking for. It's really working well. I'm pleased with it. When there's a question from people I just ask them to open the Chronicle website and they can get the information that they need."
Nick Haslinghouse, Secretary,
Macedon Cemetery

Use Chronicle Cemetery Mapping Software

The memories and legacy of your community are our priority. With the latest in encryption algorithms, your cemetery spreadsheets and records will never be lost or tampered with again. Meeting the highest security standards, we use Google Cloud services to keep your data locked down tight.

Life happens – sometimes, a little help is necessary to update records and edit plot details. If any member of staff needs to make a change, our software keeps track of who made the change and when. With all actions tracked, Chronicle lets you track and tag every change for multiple users. Digital makes keeping up simple.

Monthlies, quarterlies, or yearlies. Keep everyone in the loop with instant reporting capabilities. Never forget a detail from admin or governing body meetings and planning.

Clutter-free is the future. Store documents with each entry as a PDF or an image – more information, richer detail, easier to find. And the best part? No more paper, no need to worry about losing records to time, damage or a messy filing cabinet. The environment is better for it, too.

Share Rich Cemetery Lookup Features with the Community

Chronicle helps communities remember and preserve their rich histories through engagement.

Your community’s story is its foundation. Chronicle’s cemetery database software allows you to share historic stories easily, transforming the site. The cemetery becomes transformed into a space of shared history and legacy of the local community, honouring those who have passed on.

Encourage a newfound appreciation of those who made your community what it is today. Beautiful, headstones are symbols of the resting places of those who passed – sharing those symbols help to engage with their memories.

Records are now available from a single source – Chronicle’s experiential cemetery database software. Your cemetery’s records are stored in the cloud, safely and securely. What does this mean? It’s available to administrators and the visitors from anywhere, at any time. Click on any burial plot and find out all you need to know.

Plots, records, and information are accessible on any device. Whether you’re at the desk or need to double-check the availability of a plot while you’re away, your digital cemetery map and database are just a click or tap away.

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